A healthy lifestyle is currently the most important issue for modern consumers. Açaimania Europe is a dynamic, fast-growing company that develops, produces and brings products with high nutritional value to the market. Açaico has become the supplier for more than 450 stores in Europe and expanded its activities beyond the borders of Slovakia. These products are available in a number of European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Portugal, Croatia, and others, with a strong customer base.

acaico fresh drink, brand new

These products are of premium quality, exceptional taste and miraculous effects. During their development we cooperated with a number of athletes, dieticians, food technologists and many other experts. Açaimania continues developing products containing açai which are new, tasty, fruity and above all, healthy.

Açaimania is every year introducing innovations to the view of processing and consumption of the healthiest fruits in the context of facilitating their availability to the end customer. We are constantly working on developing new recipes so that we can bring this wonder of nature to your table.  

bucket of acai

These fantastic, purely natural products, are available in many shops, restaurants, coffee shops and fitness centers.

Our team of experienced sales representatives was very successful in attracting new business units and business partners, building strong relationships with wholesale customers and creating a strong customer base.